Spherical Roller Bearing for Vibrating Equipment Vibratory Screen from Panding Bearing

Wafangdian Panding Bearing Co., Ltd supply Spherical Roller Bearing  for Vibrating Screens with high quality.

MA - Outer Ring Riding Machined Bronze Cage, not the brass cage.

C4 - special internal radial clearance upper range of C4 for cooler the operating temperatures.

W33 - Annular Lubrication Groove and Oil Holes in Outer Ring.

Materrial - Selected quality steel ( that can be SKF's or Timken's steel),forged inner and outer rings yielding better grain structure, cage material is centrifugally cast high tensile bronze.

Special reduced O.D. and Bore Tolerances in order to improve shaft and housing fits and reduce the effect of heavy and impact load.

Heat treatment – bainite hardening enhances the toughness of rings and rollers, heat stabilized reduces the expansion and contraction of components during the temperatures changing, and maintaining the porper clearance and shaft and housing fits with bearing.

22320MAC4W33 100×215×73mm
23222MAC4W33 110×200×69,8mm
22322MAC4W33 110×240×80mm
22324MAC4W33 120×260×86mm
22226MAC4W33 130×230×64mm
22326MAC4W33 130×280×93mm
22328MAC4W33 140×300×102mm
23328MAC4W33 140×300×118mm
22330MAC4W33 150×320×108mm
22332MAC4W33 160×340×114mm
23332MAC4W33 160×340×136mm
22334MAC4W33 170×360×120mm
22336MAC4W33 180×380×126mm
23238MAC4W33 190×340×120mm
22338MAC4W33 190×400×132mm
22340MAC4W33 200×420×138mm
Spherical Roller Bearing for Vibrating Screen