Taper Roller Bearing

Taper roller bearings are mainly suitable to carry combined load -- radial load and as well as axcial load.  The axial load carrying capacity of tapered roller bearings increases with increasing contact angle a.The clearance can be adjusted when mounting and clearcne fits are also allowed.

Taper Roller Bearing


Panding Bearing can supply taper roller bearings in the numerical series:

30000 type single row taper roller baerings

This type bearings can accommpdate the axial displacement and axial load in one direction on the shaft or housing. Single row taper roller bearings are separable i.e. the inner ring with roller and cage assembly (cone) can be mounted separately from the outer ring (cup).

350000, 37000 and 87000 types of double-row taper roller bearings

This type of bearings comprise one double-raceway outer ring (one double-raceway inner ring) and two inner rings (two outer rings). There is a spacer between the two inner rings (two outer rings), to change the thickness of the spacer can adjust the bearing clearance. They can carry radial and double-direction axial load simultaneously.

380000 type four-row taper roller bearings

This type of bearings have two spacers between inner rings adn outer ring for adjusting bearing clearance. They can accommodate large radial load. Because their limit ratational speed is low, so thry mainly used to heavy duty machines, such as rolling mills.

Inch taper roller bearings


Cage material

Generally, pressed steel cages are available. With the large size, welded steel sheet cages and steel pinned solid cages (pin-type cages) are used.


Taper roller bearings are mainly used in automobile rear wheel hub, machine tool spindles, axle boxes, high-power reducers, transmission cases, rolling mills back up rolls and operating rollers and others.


Panding Bearing suplly taper roller bearings with P0, Px, P6, P5, and P4 precision grade asccording to the current standards.

Recommended: P&D taper roller Bearings - heavy & light trucks and machine tools used .  For the detials, please contact us.