Deep Groove Ball Bearing

deep groove ball bearing  Single row deep groove ball bearings have deep raceway grooves in their rings, so the steel balls can closed contact with the raceway.

Because of this structure and characteristic, single row deep groove ball bearings can accommodate radial loads and axial loads in both directions. When the radial internal clearance increases, the bearings have the function of angular contact ball bearings that can carry a larger axial load.


Single row deep groove ball bearings are available open or capped (with seals - 2RS or shields - ZZ). All the capped bearings are frefilled with lubricating grease, can be used without cleaning and lubricating.
Deep goove ball bearing with snap ring groove on the out rings can be easily fixed on the housing by snap rings. So when the mountion poition is restrained, take Deep goove ball bearing with snap ring groove on the out rings firtly.

Most deep groove ball bearing are assembled ribbon cage made of pressed steel sheet, and solid machined cage made of brass or steel.

Radial Internal ClearanceThe Permissible Angle

The radial clearance of deep groove ball bearings, refer to the relenvant standard or turn to our sales service.

Static equivalent radial load

Por=Fr  (kN)
Por=0.6Fr + 0.5Fa  (kN)

Dynamic equivalent radial load

Pr=XFr +YFa
In the formula:
        Fr: Radial load
        Fa: Axial Laod
        X: Radial factor
        Y: Axial factor

See the valuses of X and Y:

Relative radial loadSingle row bearings

P&D Bearing can supply P0, P6, P5 precision grade Medium & Large single row deep groove ball bearings with different inner structures in the numerical series:

single row deep groove ball bearing

  • Pressed steel cage with rivets, Metric and Inch Size (XLS, XLJ)

  • Deep groove ball bearing with filling slot, Full complement ball bearings, Full filling ball bearings with suffix V

  • Machined solid brass cage with rivets, Suffix M

  • Machined solid bronze cage withou rivets, Suffix Q Q1 ...

  • Non-standard deep groove ball bearing for customized orders.

About the inch deep groove ball bearing, please confirm the dimension with the designation number with  our sales when you inquiry.